Who we are

Created in 2011, SADV (Société d’Aménagement et de Développement Vert) is an affiliate of the OCP group, supporting the Mohammed VI Polytechnic ecosystem, in charge of territorial development projects, urban and  technological services as well as real estate project management and construction.

Our Mission

We design , plan and develop ambitious projects and innovative services to reshape Moroccan and African territories and contribute in doing so to their renewal.

Whether working on existing sites, new city projects or urban areas, SADV provides specific answers to local issues taking into consideration at an early stage the economic, social and environmental challenges of each project.

SADV business lines :


Territory Development


Designing and developing smart and sustainable territories

The primary purpose of SADV is the design, planning, development, management of urban assets and services, either directly or in partnership with public or private operators.

This activity is mainly built around the Green City project of Benguerir, for which it is the planner, developer and manager.

Relying on its multidisciplinary expertise, combining architectural, urbanistic, engineering, financial, commercial and managerial know-how, SADV conceives designs for smart and sustainable cities, which respond to the human, social, economic and environmental issues of the territories of tomorrow.

A know how on all the activities of the territory

Territory Strategic Studies
Partnerships and investor research
Territory Marketing & Communication
Asset Management
Urban Services Management

Territory Builders


Translating the ambitions of our clients into a practical operation

Territory Builders by SADV is a team of professionals, specialized in the management of real estate projects and infrastructures. They intervene in tailor-made missions, ranging from project management assistance to delegated project management.

From the creation of programs to their delivery, we support our clients, including the OCP Group and its partners, in the management of their urban area development, construction and renovation projects. We adopt in each of our projects from the design phase to the realization phase, an approach that is both global and inclusive of the territorial and environmental aspects, using the lever of technology to optimize the future operations of the assets we are entrusted with.

An expertise on the whole value chain
An expertise on the whole value chain

SADV Telecom


 A premium connectivity offer for professionals

Since November 2015, SADV holds a VSAT and 3RP telecommunications operator license.

Thanks to the infrastructure deployed at or inside the Green City of Benguérir Techpark, SADV Telecom offers companies a range of VSAT telecommunication services, such as :  « SCPC » links, Star networks, Internet Business, etc. 

Also SADV Telecom offers Moroccan companies voice and data radio telecommunication services over the deployed coverage area (Grand Casablanca, El Jadida, Khouribga, Gantour, Safi, Laayoune, Boucraâ, etc.).
Upon clients request SADV Telecom can also study new coverage area for 3RP services.


High Availability
Quality of Services
Wide Coverage

Key Figures

A committed player to the development of territories, expertises and technologies for Morocco and Africa


Planner and developer of the Green City of Benguerir


200 Ha developed and more than 250.000 sqm of realized constructions


More than 150 Ha to be developed and 250.000 sqm to be constructed at horizon 2025



Intervention in 3 cities of the Moroccan Kingdom 


More than 14 achieved projects representing more than 250.000 sqm of realizations


More than 30 programmed projects or under construction representing ca. 450.000 sqm of constructions


Connecting all OCP group sites as well as a 1st international connection. Radio network coverage of 20% of Moroccan pop.


Approximately 1500 voice and data users (physical persons and machine to machine)


Best in class Teleport as well as a global connectivity at an  international level 

Our scope of intervention


SADV fosters since its creation in 2011 an expertise deeply nurtured with knowledge and respectful of the territory. Our projects are rooted in their natural and human environment, carried by a state of the art know-how and the passion for sustainability and the valorization of the projects that we are entrusted with.

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